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Top 5 One Page Responsive Bootstrap Themes Collection 2016

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Top five one page responsive bootstrap themes brought here from a huge collection of responsive bootstrap theme to help you for the first approach of a blog, business, personal or portfolio websites. For creating web applications and websites, Bootstrap is a free front-end framework consists of lots of tools. At first, Bootstrap uses Twitter as a framework to develop consistency across internal tools. But gradually it became open source and became most popular in Github. Further when the version 2.0 come, bootstrap does not associate with twitter anymore. Rather with the version 3 all the designs are now flat designs. And it mostly designed simpler to feel more developer friendly.

Top 5 Responsive Bootstrap Theme for First Approach

The time we already featured hundred of wordpress bootstrap themes, here we listed only the top five dedicated best one page responsive bootstrap themes for your easy use. Check below, it will be a great platform for you too-

  1. Shapely

One of the most popular one page responsive bootstrap themes is Shapely. Thankfully to construct Shapely there used Bootstrap 3 frontend framework. In order to fit for any size screens whatever it is smaller or bigger, Shapely has the layout to resize itself. Notably, this WordPress theme has the ability of carry contents in any web browser, operating system or any device. There certainly included many personalization settings as like modify sections, change text palettes, introduce header or footer info etc. Whereas Shapely is totally translatable, it is easy to expand your reach and attract your new fans and followers. So you will surely appreciate their effort.

  1. Specular


A very professional, single page innovatively customizable one page responsive bootstrap theme is Specular. Furthermore, they are amazingly flexible, carefully crafted WordPress responsive business theme. Likewise, they incorporate all powerful plugins, features, mind blowing tools for easily constructing all sorts of business pages. Besides, they got their popularity because of their incredibly polished and efficient coding practices. Therefore they are well-designed websites for all imaginable business needs including the two dozen full-fledged demo websites. Still now it is the only theme that allows you to adjust your content on the theme you actually want to put on.

  1. Activello

Activello is a very warm and inviting user-friendly one page responsive bootstrap theme. Additionally, this is a theme of extremely flexible, developer friendly, fresh-faced responsive theme. Moreover it decked out with all the page templates, extensively documented with layout styles to run successfully the exclusive websites. Through this theme, you can tell the world about your latest event or the journey so they can take part of it. Particularly this has a smooth and gorgeous drop down menus, custom built sliders to let the visitors know about their website and find content easily.

  1. Pivot

A very clean, professional custom made theme is Pivot and it is for individual or creative agencies who want to showcase their work in an innovative style. Regarding this the theme actually built on latest CSS and JS codes as well as twitter bootstrap v3. Pivot actually designed to resize different screen sizes smoothly so that they can go with any high-resolution display.

Rather an unlimited customization possibility is given with this flat theme in full of visual live composer packages. Above all 600+ goggle fonts, unlimited colors, 8 unique header styles and multiple column layouts are also given default with this.

  1. Dazzling

In the last place, Dazzling created with Bootstrap 3, a mobile friendly one page responsive bootstrap themes.  In Dazzling you have opportunities to select components you need for your website before you actually buy it. Basically here comes with various features like a customizable call to action section, logo upload support, color customization, support for font icons, retina display and so on.

In similar with it’s a theme of visual elements and jam packed to combine a website with neat and clean design and polished fashion. Furthermore, Dazzling bootstrap themes contain visual languages. And they work like an excellent candidate that is mostly suitable for running modern and beautiful creative or business websites.

Wrapping Up

If you have a very short time for developing a website for your personal, corporate, business website, portfolio, traveling, wedding photography, Software Company, design studio, this is a high recommendation for you to use responsive Bootstrap theme. Because bootstrap themes are SEO friendly, comes with rich documentation and they are also very user-friendly.

In the whole above, we have tried to make it easier for you to find the most popular one page responsive bootstrap themes from one site. So you can easily pick one from our top 5 responsive bootstrap theme with the shortest possible time. And also can deploy them for your website and get a better result. Hopefully, you will not regret!



How to create a mobile app landing page- A Beginner Guideline

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How to create a mobile app landing page

Mobile app landing page is my viewpoint today. Nevertheless, it is not necessary for every marketer to have a website to promote their apps. But for starters, it is quite good of creating a digital presence as like generate leads, blog posts or link supports to promote app. This is least but not enough anyways.

In fact creating a web page means people will get to reach you through search engines and get to know about your app. In case it is not possible to create a whole site, then it will be a wise decision to create a landing page. This way, the landing page will take you to your users who actually need your app. Thereby a ton of great sites who actually help promoting mobile app landing page template creating.

Some mobile app landing page service sites-

There are some “mobile app landing page” service sites, who promised to make a marketing flow with their awesome creation. But if you would like to know how to create a mobile app landing page, it will be a great platform to gather some tactics like given bellow.

They are highly ambitious to help you with landing page builder, variety of mobile app promotion template with emails and full marketing support.

They help you to make unlimited landing page for $45. And through it you can publish to your domain or facebook page and users will get to know about your app.

In $99 you will get A/B testing, stunning landing pages and ability to integrate with all marketing and analytic platforms

Start with now $125 and get drag and drop mobile app landing page builder with full service marketing automation platform.

They offer you integrate to marketing platforms, various mobile app promotion templates, with landing page builder for the CRM and emails. And these all will only cost about $29/mo.

Kickoff Labs
Get A/B testing, landing page templates, email only at $29 and start with your landing page from today.


Therefore some popular Free landing pages are-

My Deal Free Landing Page
One of the beautiful, free landing pages with all clear and awesome design. Nonetheless it is impressively responsive and usable as Deal site, affiliate marketing, landing page at a time.



Appsland Free Landing Page
A totally free mobile app landing page is now currently popular for business. Moreover designed fully with hand code and it has also responsive layout.



Apex Free Landing Page
Use it once for your business purpose and you will be in love with this. Very much responsible, clean and simple, a corporate landing page with easy customization.


How to create a mobile app landing page?

In many cases, many developers who develop their own apps they scratch a landing page service of their own.  Regardless of if you want to do the same, there are a certain elements your page will need. So here are some examples of overview that may help you to get how to create a mobile app landing page into the heart.

Use an App Description

To begin with remember you are going to promote your app name and app icon. So you require a brief description of your app to hook the attention of your audience. Thereupon in your description you can start your introduction with more texts. And make a explaining the features and benefits that help your audience to get an intro idea about your app or mobile app landing page.

Use App Preview 

Particularly it is more convenient to add the app store specifications and always try to do it more in a creative way. If so you can use app screenshots to show off the features to the audience. You can also try with videos to take people on depth-tour of your app. To put it another way places the image or videos in a slideshow to give visitors a realistic idea of how the app works.

Touch Friendly Free Landing Page Template

It is not a fact whether your mobile app landing page template is viewed on small screen or large screen or in a so users can have the same view for mobile device. But the fact is maintaining the professionalism everywhere. So it will be wise to use always the best responsive app landing templates. As a result users can have the same view for iPad, iPhone, features phone, android phone or desktop screen. And it seems always touch friendly to them.

Bring Them to the Call to Action Point

After giving so many efforts now people know how awesome your app is. So now you can lead them towards the appropriate app store and ask them to download your app. However if develop a cross platform app, don’t forget to add the link to download from both Google play and Apple app store. Therefore it will ensure you none of them won’t miss it to download.

Conclusively, I firmly believe that to get a maximum lead you should take a mobile app landing page from the professional service provider. Otherwise, you can try to make a landing page as you know how to create a mobile app landing page if you do care.