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Best Free Responsive WordPress Themes for Artists Collections 2017

October 23, 2016 - By 

Free responsive wordpress themes for artists are the first needed thing to build a portfolio website. Nothing could be work so pleasantly to show off your photography, artwork in order to promote online. In relation to this, a portfolio always helps to make this opportunity for you with a functional framework for people.

Top 10 Free Responsive WordPress Themes for Artists

And if you are really searching such like a free portfolio theme, this is a handpicked collection for you. Have a glance below-


Photum is a completely free responsive WordPress themes for artists. The reason behind is the photos the main element on the homepage which works well for photographers. Thereby some navigation have been pushed to the left.

Thus it makes enough room so you can put as many as photo thumbnails on the main page. Especially works well on all devices. As like potential clients can click on individual photos and then they can read more information about a particular project.


Slider named because the homepage of it is only a slider. Therefore it is also a free responsive WordPress theme for artists. Such a beautiful interface the theme has, so it can make a lasting impression on anyone who will visit your website. While anyone lands on your website, they can immediately notice your portfolio.


Activello is a very warm and inviting user-friendly WordPress theme. Additionally, this is a theme of extremely flexible, developer friendly, fresh-faced responsive multipurpose theme. Unlike this, it decked out with all the page templates, extensively documented with layout styles to run successfully the exclusive websites.

Through this theme, you can tell the world about your latest event or the journey so they can take part of it. Particularly this has a smooth and gorgeous drop down menus, custom built sliders to let the visitors know about their website and find content easily.


Another premium looking but completely free responsive WordPress themes for artists is artworks. Firstly the theme comes with a large text header and a wonderful social integration. As well as it has a welcome message for uploading logos and backgrounds. Hence it is a search engine optimized theme that also helps you to index your website easily.


A clean and modern theme is pinbin, another free responsive WordPress themes for artists. A great masonry style theme that suited well for art, design, photography or other portfolio style websites. Greatly optimized for removing everything and bring your images first. Further, the theme supports most popular plugins. Rather it is an SEO friendly theme.


Widely comes with a perfect framework for designing creative online portfolios. Thanks to the breeze flat design that suited well with any business or individual websites. Afterward, The minimalist theme allows creating a well designed yet a simple website.


To do your job perfectly Enigma comes with tons of settings and capabilities. Hence the free responsive WordPress themes for artists provide snap into place when viewed on small devices. You can literally choose how many sidebars and columns you want. Initially, there are five widgets are available for proper customization. You often can change logos and other settings on its organized back end.


The tint is also a stylish, completely free responsive WordPress themes for artists. Moreover, it is a colorful theme. And the layout of this theme seems professional yet simple. On top of that, it gives you freedom to transform each element to your desired colors and fonts.


Hatch is a totally classy free responsive WordPress themes for artists. Basically, the theme developed with a knockout in terms of style and presentation. In addition to this, you can display your photography and other works in a very natural way. Hatch can optimize your work for any device size. Hence it also uses a huge WordPress features like as gallery or standard media uploader.


An amazing free responsive WordPress theme for artists is wallpress. Additionally, the theme helps you to display your magazine, portfolio, and other business contents in one site. So by using only one theme your posts and contents will easily direct to different social medias. As like twitter, facebook, Instagram. Therefore Wallpress comes with a customization panel, responsive design, and a grid layout.

Landing Page

All themes mentioned above are portfolio themes that will provide a fully responsive layout. They are completely free responsive WordPress themes for artists. Furthermore, all of them are user-friendly, SEO friendly and some are even perfectly optimized themes. Including front page sliders, they also have well-designed galleries and engaging slideshows as well.

So without any delay, start with one of them and get a wonderful platform to promote your creative artworks.

Anyways, to get some other responsive wordpress themes 2016, you can also check my previous article.


15 Best Free Responsive WordPress Theme Adsense Collection 2017

October 21, 2016 - By 
Free responsive WordPress theme Adsense

Free responsive WordPress theme Adsense is a great demand for many bloggers. As they need to post advertisements on their blog for a consistent income. Therefore they require a Google AdSense optimized WordPress theme to get started.

Top Free Responsive WordPress Theme Adsense

In addition to this, you will not need to hire a pricey website developer to make your website from scratch. Here I create a collection of the best free responsive WordPress theme Adsense, hope that will help you to work.


Centilium is a WordPress theme for Adsense. It is a free theme that is lightweight in design rather packing many modern features. The theme is responsive in nature and compatible with most of the browsers. Additionally, the aim is Centilium to get the best possible optimization for AdSense advertisements banner.

RedWaves Lite

This free responsive WordPress theme Adsense uses a minimal layout. Likewise Redwaves Lite ensures proper functioning on mobile devices. Also, makes sure that the content is ready for the global audiences. As well as it comes with proper customization for colors, menu, and background.


For a simple yet powerful blogging theme, Yosemite is a great choice. It particularly designed for taking your blog to the next level of it. With this in mind, it comes with a very clean, minimal and professional look.


The next free responsive WordPress theme Adsense is Seashell. It is a modern, responsive blogging theme. Including responsive design, Seashell has also a plenty of ad space. So you can add multiple Adsense ads in it. Hence the advanced theme options help you build your website as quickly as possible.


In Playbook HTML5, CSS3 used and it ensures compatibility for modern and future elements. This free responsive WordPress theme Adsense uses responsive layout. Playbook specifically designed to make a website look like a magazine. Also, it includes custom widgets, active translation, and optimization of SEO norms.


The point is a free product for highly passionate developers. As well as it also brings a pro (paid) version of the same theme. It’s because if you find the free one helpful, then you can decide for the paid version in future. Moreover, point offers dedicated areas for advertisements.


This is a true free responsive WordPress theme Adsense. Therefore a mobile ready, AD and Adsense optimized magazine theme is Truemag. The bbPress and BuddyPress integrations of it are specifically nice for building social networks and forums.


Grimag theme works great for magazines, Adsense support, and responsive design. It also has two integrations called BuddyPress and bbPress. These helps you particularly create a community around your website. Above all, it is a free responsive WordPress theme Adsense.

SuperAds Lite

SuperAds Lite is another option for you to do an experiment. With SuperAds you can put a lot of advertisements onboard. However, this free responsive WordPress theme AdSense comes with simple and nice UI. Moreover, a great theme that offers a lot of flexibilities and options for the advertisement.

Business Finder

Another directory option is Business Finder. Initially, its google AdSense spaces are clean and remarkable. There attached also a standout feature to manage premium packages. In particular, these will bring money for you wherever people clicks through your links.


The third modern free responsive WordPress theme Adsense is Truepixel. Further, its engaging layout helps to highlight the viral content. That makes your articles look more interesting and real. Furthermore, Truepixel mostly optimized to load fast and translation files.


WordX is a beautiful, modern free responsive WordPress theme Adsense. It offers you tons of amazing features, for a top quality news magazine theme.


Interactive is a high-quality theme. Moreover, it offers you an SEO friendly code design. And as well as a one-click installation feature. Further, it has also a super quick loading time.


Another powerful theme, you can use to create any kind of website. A fully responsive WordPress theme Adsense that is free to use.


If you want to start a news site or a blog, IsleMag is a great option for you. Similarly, it will promote your premium content to make sure that it can drive a lot of traffics to your site.

Bottom Line

Now when you know what actually needed for your free responsive WordPress theme Adsense, you must understand the tools I was talking about in above. Hopefully, this collection will help you to get at least one perfect theme for you. So good luck for your new blog!